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Friday, July 30, 2021

Cultura y Corazón is a research approach and practice that is rooted in the work of Latinx and Chicanx scholars and intellectuals. The book documents best practices for Community Based and Participatory Action Research (CBPAR), which is both cul- turally attuned and scientifically demonstrated. This methodology takes a decolonial approach to engaging community members in the research process and integrates critical feminist and indigenous epistemologies.

Cultura y Corazón presents case studies from the authors’ work within the fields of education and health. It offers key strategies to working in partnership with mar- ginalized Latinx communities that are grounded in deep respect for the communi- ties’ cultures and lived experiences. This book is intended for students, researchers, and practitioners who want to work with vulnerable populations through a commu- nity-based approach that truly respects and integrates culture, values, and funds of knowledge.

R O S A M A N Z O is an interdisciplinary researcher focused on addressing health and education disparities in rural communities. LISCETH BRAZIL-CRUZ in an in- terdisciplinary researcher focused on understanding access to health and education in Latinx communities. YVETTE G. FLORES is a clinical psychologist, profes- sor, and researcher, who bridges psychology and Chicanx/Latinx health. HECTOR RIVERA-LOPEZ is a clinical psychologist with more than forty-seven years of ex- perience.

Cultura y Corazon